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You guys ever think about how public schools become the territory of the fashion police once it hits 60° outside? I find it interesting how the policing of the dress code changes. If anything above my knee or below my collarbone is showing, I’m forced to change clothes. But why? It’s ridiculously warm out and I deserve to be comfortable, not sweating like Lance Armstrong after a race.

But this doesn’t just happen to me. It happens to all the girls in my class. How come the boys don’t get called out for their low-cut shirts and above the knee shorts as well? That is the question, folks.

As a lady, we are sexualized all the time. Even when I just want to sit in English class with some shorts and a tank top on, sweating profusely while I listen to another analysis of Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”, I’m still being sexualized. If schools are so concerned about our peers being sexually aroused by our knee-caps, why don’t they address the fact that people are sexualizing our kneecaps, instead of punishing students for trying to be comfortable?

It’s gross and wrong. I just want to be comfortable in school.

Do you guys think these dress codes are valid?


We look in the mirror and only see the things we don’t like.  We look at photos of women in magazines and wish we could look like that.  Even when we know that even the models don’t look like that.  We know that the standards of ‘beauty’ in American culture are debilitating and unnatural.  But don’t we all want to be beautiful to someone—especially to ourselves.

What would happen if you could see yourself changed like a model.  Well, this video shows what happens for some ordinary women to see themselves electronically made ‘beautiful’.  What do you think?  What is your unique beauty that would disappear if you were made ‘perfect’?


tumblr_mww3xdQdFF1rwpn15o1_500This interesting piece was found on Feminist Like Me by core girl, Molly, to share with you. It’s not that we are surprised by this info… Read More