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Core Girls


Molly Burns-Hansen

I love TVBG because it is an outlet for me that touches all aspects of my life. In TVBG, I get to discuss history, approach race, class, and gender conflicts head on, and create some of the best pieces of art I’ve been able to put my name on.

In TVBG I do a lot of work involving music. Scoring our movies is one of my favorite things to do. I love translating human emotion into sound. There’s something so magical about the way sounds and feelings correlate.

I’ve always known I want to change the world, but TVBG has helped me see specifically how I will do so. While working on our human trafficking piece, “Invisible”, I interviewed a woman who ran a shelter for women leaving the sex trade. After talking with her, I realized that I want to put an end to sexual violence- and the way to do that is through sexual health education.

My favorite activity is discussing the concepts of body image, community building, and the improvement of early childhood education. I plan to because a Public Health Educator and, hopefully, put an end to human trafficking.


Bella Martinez

 I’m originally from New York but have spent many years in Mexico. I love writing poetry and using words to express myself and before my experience at TVbyGIRLS, I had never worked with film before. TVbyGIRLS is a unique organization where I can come to talk about things I can’t always talk about in other places. I’ve been a lifelong advocate for women’s rights and it’s been a real opportunity to use a new medium to send a message. The wonderful and diverse young women with whom I work and learn from every week leave me feeling inspired and motivated after every meeting. I know that TVbyGIRLS is going to do great things to make the world a better place for young women everywhere.


cg thryncg thryn2

Hello, my name is Thryn (Short for Kathryn).  I’ve been a part of TVbyGIRLS since I was in Junior High.  Ever since I was young, I’ve been involved in politics and social justice because of my parents.  It was my mother that first told me about TVbyGIRLS.  I’ve really grown up a lot in my time with Barbara and the  other girls.  TVbyGIRLS has always given me an opportunity to not only learn more about the world but also about myself.

I’ve never met a group of people that more understood concepts of intersectionality, and the importance of breaking down societal norms. I’ve identified as a lesbian for most of my time with TVbyGIRLS and I’ve always been encouraged to share my perspective as a queer girl when we work on projects where it is relevant. This has helped me critically contemplate that aspect of my identity and what it means in many different contexts.

While I’ve never done anything else with the film based arts, I’ve learned through TVbyGIRLS it can be a powerful tool in creating social change. Barbara and the girls have also been an incredible support for me in all aspects of my life. I’m going to school to work in conservation biology, and they whole heartedly cheer me on.


Serena web pict.

Whenever I work on a film project I am overcome with a sense of complete control and harmony. When I first joined TVbyGirls, I not only fell in love the work we did, I fell in love with the people. I was taken into a community that valued two of my passions, film and social justice. At TVbyGirls, we are able to convert conversations into images that tell a larger story. This group affiliation taught me not only to exercise my creativity but how to create better results by working with a team.

As I hear about different people’s struggles and experience I often discover that their path and current place in the world differed from their original destination. For me, film has been a part of my journey and I believe it’s my destination. Film has become the foundation of everything I do, guiding me to explore other interests and further develop a love for learning. Through filmmaking I have learned and taught that each one of us looks at life through a certain lens. That lens can differ from day to day, or that lens may always be present. Whether it be race, class, gender, religion we make decisions based on these lenses.

Film has helped me explore these diverse aspects of life through both a literal and metaphoric lens and TVbyGirls has given me the tools, motivation and strength to do so.



I am a fairly new member to TVbyGIRLS, and had never worked with film prior to my introduction to this wonderful organization. I was born and raised in St. Louis Park. One of my biggest passions are the arts, specifically I love to sing and play the piano. While I have always been interested in social justice and politics, I have grown immensely throughout my time with Barbara and the girls. I have become much more aware of myself and the world around me, and am filled with the inspiration of these fantastic young women. TVbyGIRLS is an amazing outlet, it allows me to express myself through media and create social change and awareness. Next year I will be attending college and getting my undergraduates degree in child and developmental psychology.



I am into CONvergence , Lord of the Rings, fantasy/scifi and I want to be a director of horror movies.  I am going to be Titania, queen of the fairies for this year’s CONvergence but with a badass twist.  I’ d like to go to California for college.  I am not as fond of bagels as Emily.  I do like Mountain Dew but we don’t have that at TVbyGIRLS meetings.



I’ve been with TVbyGIRLS  since I was 13 but Barbara was my mother’s birthcoach so I was the orginal core girl.  I like to write and now have 200 completed journals.  I bake elaborate desserts and make films and…

The other girls on the block, who are now writing my bio…would say that I am a gently outspoken young woman, a fine girl destined for greatness, and sweet.

I smile often.


Emma and niece

TVbyGIRLS is kick ass for me because I can combine my interests to help form projects and talk to a group of girls I’m really happy to call my friends about things it’s sometimes hard to discuss elsewhere. To me TVbyGIRLS is art for social justice and I think that’s one of the most important kinds. I consistently leave Barbara’s house feeling empowered by the conversations we have, validated by experiences of other women I have the privilege to hear, and valued as whoever I am.


Valencia profile pic.4:7:14

I  joined TVByGirls at age 17. At the time, I’d done some stuff with my high school’s film group, which mostly consisted of doing random film competitions. That was really fun, but I need the artistic work I do to have a deeper meaning. I found that at TVByGirls, with some fantastic guidance from Barbara and Rebecca, the adult mentors.

I’m currently attending college. I will be finishing my first bachelor’s degree in computer science , with a creative writing minor sometime this year. I’ve been nominated for a Student Leadership Award and a LGBTQIA Student Leadership Award for the work that I do on and around campus. I was recently a part of 20% Theatre’s Naked I production. After graduation, I hope to move out to southern California with my partner, create a computer science after school or summer program with a social justice framework, and continue engaging in intersectional feminist film.


1654654_10203789042035669_1955298388_oEmily on hoarse looking at sea

 I’ve been an active core member of TVbyGIRLS since 2011. TVbyGIRLS has been an amazing outlet for me because it intersects my passions of social justice, film, feminism, history, and popular culture. Working with my fellow girls to create films allows me to express myself creatively while also advocating for women’s rights.

In our society, women’s voices are shushed and pushed aside. Through TVbyGIRLS, I’ve learned the immense power of not only my voice, but also the voices of all women. It’s commonplace to see women objectified and stereotyped throughout the media.  What I love about TVbyGIRLS is that we take the same tools used to oppress and objectify women to express and empower one another.

I know the skills I’ve gained through TVbyGirls are going to help me change the world. I plan to major in International Relations and Communications.

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