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Love wins! Everyone can Soar!

Love Wins  It’s amazing and startling and miraculous…the supreme court has said that marriage is for everyone.  I know in my parents’ time, it was illegal to marry between religions! (an outrageous rebel my uncle (jewish) who married my aunt (catholic).  Then the fight was for marriage between people of different races.  And now, the supreme court has said that people…all people…can carry their love to marriage.  All People can Marry.  Love does win over confusion and fear.  At TVbyGIRLS, we are so happy.  It’s not often you see such a huge example of LOVE as this…Thank you to all of you in the world who put yourself out there on the front line to Love and Marry and make the world more just.  Yep, gotta say it….we love you


here’s a link to a film we did between teen girls and senior women about the difference between love and marriage then and now.

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