We love Emma and she loves us. A few thoughts on her time with TVbyGIRLS :

I’ve had a wonderful time as an intern at TVbyGIRLS! I loved filming interview with kids at the Maker’s Faire in late May. I’ve also enjoyed working on the TVbyGIRLS’ social media accounts. Through my work I’ve been able to read a lot of great articles about women and girls and watch wonderful TVbyGIRLS videos! I’ve really enjoyed learning more about this wonderful organization and am inspired by its social justice filmmaking message. Thank you to Barbara for your mentorship and guidance and for a great internship experience!


Emma last day

Take a look at some of the work from TVbyGIRLS 13 year history working with teen girls to make films that matter.   As we are developing a curriculum to use these films, we had a lot of fun watching them again.  We hope you do too!

The first video in this series was the first piece the first core group of girls ever made! It was seen in several festivals and by hundreds of people in our workshops and presentations.  These girls have all graduated from college now!! And are doing amazing work in the world.

Barbara Wiener's photo.

Emma and Leah work at TVbyGIRLS world headquarters. Making buzz!

Kamila Shamsie. Photograph: Aled Llywelyn/Athena, The Guardian

Kamila Shamsie. Photograph: Aled Llywelyn/Athena, The Guardian

The novelist Kamila Shamsie is calling for 2018 to be a year of publishing women authors in a June 5th Guardian article titled “Kamila Shamsie: let’s have a year of publishing only women – a provocation.” In order to address gender inequity in the literary world, Shamsie says a year of focusing on publishing women’s works would lead to ripple effects throughout the industry. One publishing company, “And Other Stories” has already committed to solely publishing books written by women in 2018 and hopefully more will follow. What do you think? Could this change the industry? If you want to support gender equity in the publishing and promotion of literature written by women, check out http://www.vidaweb.org, an organization working towards gender equity in the literary world.


What do you think of the new Wonder Woman costume? This costume will debut in a new issue of the “Wonder Woman” comic on June 17th. Unlike many previous superhero costumes for women, this costume is more covered up and looks more practical. The traditional Wonder Woman costume looked more like a bikini, which didn’t appear to offer the same protection as the costumes drawn for superheroes like Batman and Superman. We like that the comic is going in a new direction with her costume, less sexualized and better fit for fighting super villains. Tell us in the comments how you feel about this new costume and read more at the link below!