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283503_200916499957992_5159972_n18 years ago, I held a little girl who had just been born. Leah Gross.  I had been the birth coach of her mom,my best friend Laura.  It had been 40 hellish hours of crazy labor.  And then she was born. I held her and I was surprised…she was just looking up, not upset, not fearful or confused, not crying..she was comfortable being in the world, alive. Read More

Gender and Film2

tumblr_mww3xdQdFF1rwpn15o1_500This interesting piece was found on Feminist Like Me by core girl, Molly, to share with you. It’s not that we are surprised by this info… Read More

Girls Education Worldwide – A Report Card

The way to freedom is education and this infographic shows that we’ve made some advances…but not enough yet. 34 million girls in the world are not in school. Locked in those minds could be the answers to world hunger, energy crisis, world peace…but they will not be able to change their lives, let alone the world without access to education. Read More

The Naked I Valencia

One of our fabulous TVbyGIRLS superstars…Valencia. Check out her interview with 20% Theatre Company Twin Cities. She is one of the artists participating in The Naked I: Insides Out February 13-23, 2014 at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis.

The Naked I: Insides Out - 20percent

Take a look at a new piece from TVbyGIRLS and how we really view the saying “just a girl”-with music by one of our own core girl, Molly.