This is a good example of how images tell a story.  And how mainstream media seem determined to treat women leaders with a different set of rules than men.

A few things to look at here…

no face–just body parts including high heels which sort of sexualize and diminish our woman leader–HILLARY CLINTON.

shoes stabbing a man character–setting up the woman leader as out to crush men…not partnering with men..but instead ‘man hating’.

What’s the title doing? Can anyone stop Hillary?…the whole thing sets up the sense of Hillary needing to be stopped!! like Godzilla or the plague.  Really? come on!

I could go on, but I won’t.  So you tell us what you think.  How do these images tell a story that we think is just downright sexist?  Check out the original article.

time cover not ok

Big Ear Hearing – Chuck at Mayo

On Monday, Chuck is going to have a cochlear implant at Mayo Clinic. A pretty amazing surgery where a small thin array is inserted into his cochlear and is programed to pick up sounds and convert them to electrical impulses that his brain can actually work with. But, it’s not like our magic ears…and Chuck will have to learn how to translate those impulses into sounds…chickadees fighting, music playing, and songs erupting.

An exciting journey over the next year and TVbyGIRLS is going to be following him and his family as they discover a lot of things–how the brain ‘hears’, how music ‘sounds’, and the magical mystery of how our brain works.

We start with Chuck’s surgery on Monday and Mayo clinic is allowing us to film in the OR. Look out for more reports coming up.

Big Ear Hearing – Chuck and his wife Laura at Mayo Clinic

TVG-What's With the Hijab?-cropped

Pew did research on how people in various muslim countries define appropriate public dress.

Watch TVbyGIRLS’ film, “What’s With the Hijab?” made by Somali teens about wearing the hijab and then read this research…interesting. Tell us what you think.

Molly sans Tonsils

Core girl, Molly, lost her tonsils today. Her bear was able to accompany her into surgery.

Molly reports feeling loopy but good. We think loopy is good when talking about lost tonsils and popsicles.

27 below zero - Frozen bubble

It is very cold at the TVbyGIRLS world headquarters, but we are grateful that we have heat and electricity and water flowing. Other people in other places are not as fortunate.  Still, we don’t know how civilization actually evolved in Minnesota or how we ended up loving it here. Here is a photo by Angela Kelly; frozen bubbles.