Update from TVbyGIRLS! Maker Faire and New Curriculum!

Maker Faire

On May 29 and 30, TVbyGIRLS attended the Maker Faire, held on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul! We interviewed kids and teens about themselves and the issues they care about. Many talked about new responsibilities they were dealing with, in school and at home. They also spoke about the importance of their friends in their lives. Most said that there were a lot of fun parts of being a kid or a teen, but that they also had some worries about the future.

These interviews will help TVbyGIRLS shape a new curriculum that we are developing. We are creating a new, video-based curriculum for schools, geared towards pre teens and teens, which will focus on the issues that really matter to this age group. Pre teens and teens will provide input for the project so that the curriculum reflects their perspectives. Potential curriculum topics include friendship, bullying, and dealing with new expectations and responsibilities.

Check back soon for more information on TVbyGIRLS’ new curriculum plan!

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